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Monday, August 27, 2012

Forbes Magazine and I on same page!

Yesterday, my very first #STFDS shout out was to Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income).  This morning I read that Forbes Magazine has him on their TOP10 list! 

10 Leaders Who Aren't Afraid to Be Transparent

Forbes and I on the "same page" ..................

Sunday, August 26, 2012

#STFDS_1 "Smart Passive Income" Pat Flynn

As promised, my first #STFDS (Shut The Front Door Sunday) highlight:

After updating my social media sites I've begun looking at creating an "Actor" FB page. This way I can separate, or try to separate, work and play.  As I was researching "How to create a Facebook Page" I came across Mr. Pat Flynn on YouTube. 

As a non-technical guy I find him extremely helpful. He shows you how to do this step-by-step at a very reasonable pace.  No "techie" approach......... just conversational. 

As my very first #STFDS, I present to you Mr. Pat Flynn and Smart Passive Income!/smartpassiveincome

For those of you who are more seasoned - check out:

Have a great week!

DANG...... no reset button

It was pointed out by a good friend and savvy social media expert that white text on a black background doesn't really work on mobile applications. So......... my color scheme, white text on black background needed to be changed.  Argh...... an hour + later I think I'm done.

Well, the glass half full on this exercise is it made me explore and investigate more editing options.

Next I have to tackle how to get my blog to load automatically on Google reader.......

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Twitter has #FF so I'm starting #STFDS (Shut The Front Door Sundays)!

Each Sunday I will share with you an industry related "FIND" Something or someone that makes life as an Actor/Voice Over Artist/human being a little easier and alot more fun.

Suggestions, links, topics ALWAYS welcome.

"Social Media .......newbie..."

In my day "NETWORKING" meant face-to-face conversation over drinks and appetizers.  If things were going really well......... perhaps dinner! 

Well it's 2012 and I've been introduced to OMG, WTF and being somewhat defined by my KLOUT score?????  MMmmmmm .......... well this old dog can be taught the new tricks!

So, here I go:

(562) 522-1986

(I have secured TOMFLEARY.COM but come on-one major leep at a time!)

Voice Over and Demo Reels uploaded

Twitter: @TomFLeary
(Just passed 250 followers which I'm told that makes me "followable.") 

Next, I'm creating my Facebook Actor Page.
(I think I'm developing carpel tunnel...)

“What have you been doing?” (Proverbial elephant in the room):

I'm a returning on-camera/commercial actor.  Sometimes at interviews/auditions I'm asked, "What have you been doing?" I only wish I had a retina cam to show you the look on the face of the person asking.  What to do?

A friend and industry expert suggested that until I'm able to fill up my resume with credits that I should just address the "elephant" in the room on it. 
Here's the full version:

I was promoted and transferred to California in 1983 to sell nuts, bolts, screws and washers….metric thread that is! My first thought, “Divine Intervention.” After settling in at the nuthouse I started auditioning for musical groups to regain my creative sanity.  After several auditions I was hired as a tenor/baritone for the group Tuxedo Junction (TJ). After TJ and several years of musical theatre I gave up slinging nuts and bolts and started taking acting classes. After graduating from the South Coast Repertory Professional Acting Conservatory I joined both SAG& AFTRA. I was on my way! Then nothing, nada, zilch! To survive I started working in municipal government and earned an early retirement release in 2009 for good behavior.  My last civic duty was as the campaign manager for a good friend running for city council.  In 2010 my friend lost but I won.  “I’m back!”

Now I have to compress this to two or three sentences for the resume! 


Group leader loses control.......
(Please "Click here" to watch!)

My first demo reel!
Please share..............................

"Chik-Fil-AA - Hunger Games"


A support group for liberals that love Chick-fil-A that goes very awry.
(Please "Click HERE" to view video)

Group Leader - Tom F. Leary / Lemonade - Brie Eley / So Good - Torie Tyson / Waffle Fries - Adam Michael Rose / Breakfast Sandwich - Kim Rivas / Still Warm - Josh Caso / Pickles - Ashleigh Pannell Johnson / Give Me That - Julienne Irons / Choices - Jon Eiswerth / Historian - Charisse Woodall

Special Thanks - Hollywood Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wolfie Trausch, Tina Fey Music: Http:// / Production Designer - Josh Caso / Camera Operator, Superstar - Jill Killington / Produced By - Marele Entertainment / Writer, Editor, Director - Brie Eley