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Sunday, September 30, 2012

“STFDS_5”: Tim Keenan and Sylvia Aimerito

Today is a double-header presentation because l was unable to post last Sunday.  Last Sunday I was playing the role of Jason Reed (Standardized Patient) for Kaplan.

This Sunday I’m highlighting Mr. Tim Keenan and Ms. Sylvia Aimerito. I had the very good fortune of studying with the both of them this past month at Creative Media Recording in Cypress, CA.

Tim is the Operations Direction/Engineer at Creative Media Recording.  Here’s a snapshot: Please visit his company’s website as it details all its services, amenities and accomplishments:  You may also say hello and follow Tim on Twitter @tjkeenan and @Soundtrack_pro

Sylvia is the Owner/Creative Director of AudioGirl Productions. Here’s a snapshot: I encourage you to visit her company’s website as it too details all its services, amenities and accomplishments: Say hello and follow Sylvia on Twitter @sylviaaimerito and @audiogirlpro

I’m highlighting this dynamic duo because they are very good at what they do. What sets them apart is their passion for teaching and mentoring those who want to start or excel in Voice Over.

It does not get any better than being taught by two working and seasoned professionals in the studio. I’d love to detail all that happened in class but NO-WAY! Instead get on their mailing lists and experience it for yourself first hand…you will be very glad you did.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

“STFDS_4 “ Brandi Ford, Actor, Writer, Producer

The goal of my Shut The Front Door Sunday series is to highlight something or someone that makes life as an Actor, Voice Over Artist, and/or human being a little easier and alot more fun!

May I present: Brandi (Ford) Payne:
Actress, Writer, Producer
Wife and Mom

I first met Brandi at the Actors Network in 2011. I was new to her Powergroup and did I luck-out when I was paired with her as a “powerbuddy.”  At our first offsite buddy meeting I met a smart, focused, energetic woman with direction and purpose. We got right down to business, did our shares, set our goals and set a date for meeting #2. 

Brandi is not new to being a successful Actor, Writer or Producer. For example, her first web series project (“Diary of A Wedding Planner”) was very successful. She’s also a blogger, Social Media guru and is a writer/producer at Rainy Day Bliss Entertainment.

I’m very excited about Brandi’s latest project, “Missing” which has just advanced to the second and final round of judging for participation in the Sundance Institute’s prestigious  2013 Screewriters Lab.

“Missing” the trailer is mesmerizing.
Written by Brandi Ford
Produced by Brandi Ford & Tara Tomicevic

Like (Missing on Facebook) and follow @MissingTheMovie on Twitter to keep up to speed on “Missing’s” progress and needs

So a year later our friendship and professional relationship remains strong. Day in/day out I’ve experience first-hand Brandi’s willingness to lead, mentor, share and support her colleagues and friends.  BRANDI makes life as an Actor, Voice Over Artist, and/or human being a little easier and alot more fun and that is why Brandi is my “STFDS_4!”

I really encourage you to read through the various links below to get a better understanding of the breadth and scope Brandi’s talent and projects:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

"STFDS_3" - David H. Lawrence XVII

Today's highlight is of my friend David H. Lawrence XVII.  I first met David at The Actors Network (TAN) and I knew immediately how lucky I was to have crossed his path.

Shortly after our coffee meeting I started VO lessions with him and became a VO2GOGO Pro Member.  So impressed with his teaching style and product, I hired David to produce my Commercial VO Demo - VERY PLEASED!

Snapshot of David

David Harvard Lawrence XVII is an American television and film actor, voice talent, network radio host, Internet entrepreneur, podcaster, demo producer, teacher and author, best known for his role as The Puppetmaster on NBC's sci-fi series Heroes. He was also the host of the daily The David Lawrence Show and weekend Online Tonight, both nationally syndicated radio talk shows that revolved around pop culture and the high-tech lifestyle.
The "XVII" in his name was a way for Lawrence to distinguish himself from previous David Lawrences already registered with SAG. At the time, he was the 17th David Lawrence listed on IMDB, and appended the number to his name upon his own registry.
I'm highlighting David because he is very good at what he does and very generous with his working knowledge.  David is also the first to lend words of advice when you've become overwhelmed by this crazy business. 
There's so much more to David and I invite you to visit his webpage.......until you can meet him in person!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just joined LA CASTING!



(RE: Sunday, August 26, 2012 – STFDS first post)

In my continuing “STFDS” series I want to tell you about ACTORS ACCESS (It’s all about control) /SHOWFAX.  (

What is AA?

I’ve been with AA for a year now and have had access to countless auditions (on-camera and voice-over).  I’ve also been able to enhance my AA on-line presence by adding a video and VO commercial track.

When they say, “It’s all about control” they mean your control. You are able to upload and maintain your profile (24/7). To save time, you are able to target audition searches and notices based on the filters you select. (Yes, they email you when audition notices that fit your criteria become available.)

Actors Access: reliable (24/7), reasonably priced and very nice folks to work with.

Check them out!
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