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Sunday, September 16, 2012

“STFDS_4 “ Brandi Ford, Actor, Writer, Producer

The goal of my Shut The Front Door Sunday series is to highlight something or someone that makes life as an Actor, Voice Over Artist, and/or human being a little easier and alot more fun!

May I present: Brandi (Ford) Payne:
Actress, Writer, Producer
Wife and Mom

I first met Brandi at the Actors Network in 2011. I was new to her Powergroup and did I luck-out when I was paired with her as a “powerbuddy.”  At our first offsite buddy meeting I met a smart, focused, energetic woman with direction and purpose. We got right down to business, did our shares, set our goals and set a date for meeting #2. 

Brandi is not new to being a successful Actor, Writer or Producer. For example, her first web series project (“Diary of A Wedding Planner”) was very successful. She’s also a blogger, Social Media guru and is a writer/producer at Rainy Day Bliss Entertainment.

I’m very excited about Brandi’s latest project, “Missing” which has just advanced to the second and final round of judging for participation in the Sundance Institute’s prestigious  2013 Screewriters Lab.

“Missing” the trailer is mesmerizing.
Written by Brandi Ford
Produced by Brandi Ford & Tara Tomicevic

Like (Missing on Facebook) and follow @MissingTheMovie on Twitter to keep up to speed on “Missing’s” progress and needs

So a year later our friendship and professional relationship remains strong. Day in/day out I’ve experience first-hand Brandi’s willingness to lead, mentor, share and support her colleagues and friends.  BRANDI makes life as an Actor, Voice Over Artist, and/or human being a little easier and alot more fun and that is why Brandi is my “STFDS_4!”

I really encourage you to read through the various links below to get a better understanding of the breadth and scope Brandi’s talent and projects:

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