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Friday, January 20, 2012

SAG&AFTRA cards in hand, full tank of gas and in very high spirits!

It’s hard to believe that YEAR 1 of my journey to become a working actor has come to an end.  I started my journey in January 2011, SAG AND AFTRA cards in hand, full tank of gas and in very high spirits!  Seventeen years outside of the industry had passed so I really had no clue as to how difficult, fun, exasperating, exciting, challenging, expensive, overwhelming and life-altering an experience this would be.  WOW, it has been quite a year!

My 2011 (goals): discovery, classes, equipment & tools, study, reconnecting, and developing new relationships.

As I was lying in bed this morning I thought how do I credit those that were so influential and helpful?  Apologies to anyone I may have inadvertently left off the credits! Then it came to me……… display it like CREDITS rolling at the end of a movie!


Catherine Stanley
Drama West Buddies

Cyndi Stafford Photography

Laurel and John Jones

VOX, Coaching, Innovative, AKA &Tree Falls Post

Coaching, Commercial, Animation, Brian Nefsky (Disney) and Tom Rector (Phelps)

Writing for the Stage – Playwright

Power Group 10
Actors’ Network Buddies

VO2GOGO-Education/Coaching, Commercial Demo
VO2GOGO buddies

VOBG buddies

Voice Over Workout Group/Voice Trax West
WOG buddies

Susan D. Welsh
Royce Bell
Lindy Burke
Margaret M. Hoskins
Shirley Knudson
Kameal Krukenberg
Rue Lannon
Lisa Peskay Malmsten
Miriam Margolis
Gillis Monroe
Barbara Munoz
Suzanne E. Narducy
Cynthia Stafford
Priscilla Silver
Dr. Richard Tebbano
Edward Villanueva
# # #

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